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One of the things I like about advertising are signs. One of my favorites is a wooden sign designed to stand up on a street that says: No horse traffic on this street by order of the police board. I have another sign above my trash can that says: Put lunch refuse here. I am always drawn to signs at shows and auctions. Stop signs, street signs, any signs. I once had a large metal sign that said "Zoo" with an arrow and it had a big picture of a monkey.

My mom found a porcelain street sign that said "Judge St." and she bought that for my brother who is a judge. When Mom saw that sign I thought she was having some kind of attack. It was at a flea market that takes up an entire town one weekend a year and I was driving trying to find a place to stop when mom started screaming, "judge," I thought she saw my brother or something.

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Love 'em. However, the real problem is that you can only display a certain number of them, unless you have unlimited wall space. We display them in 'casual' areas like the Den or Rec. Room. Am sending a couple of faves from an article on signs that I wrote a few years ago. The first is promoting Tuck Publishing Company, legendary publishers of postcards and greeting cards. I photographed this at the Ephmera Society of America (Flamingo Eventz) show a couple of years ago. Will be at this year's version of that show in East Greenwich on the weekend of the 23rd. The second, 'Thin Ice' warning, 'fell into my hands' - as the expression goes - at the end of the winter season, some 10 years ago. We display it in a bathroom of the house that doesn't seem to get as warm as it should in the wintertime!
I LOVE that thin ice sign. I had a "Covered Bridge" sign "fall" into my hands once a few years back. The county I'm from is known as the Covered Bridge Capital of the World and we have a huge festival each year and there are Covered Bridge tours.


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