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It is handmade/carved of an open grained wood. 17.5" long and 4" at the widest.

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looks like oak, as one of several varieties of pin oak. i would never imagine a use and then claim that's what it is,not my way. my first thought would be a child's plaything and i prefer to use that term vs toy, as a toy villa is not a child's playhouse. this wood is structurally sound but not visually pleasing and is always under a veneer as a base for lesser grade it is somewhat fragile (cheap) it's interesting that it is basically undamaged say's something. two schools of thought such as fraternal and thus revered or total disinterest to the point of forgotten. i do a lot of research into older before my time and a couple yrs. ago i came across this sad account, puff the magic dragon, the things that fall from a child's hand as we move on. worth saving i would think, just for the mystery of it.


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